„Appalachian-Mountain-Music“, as well as „Oldtime“ names the ancient folkmusic of the american eastcoast mountain-range. It started soon after the arriving of the first irish settlers – importing their whiskey and those fiddle-tunes. Meeting the banjo in the mid 19th. century creates a new music-style, creeping down south along the appalachians. Inviting to dance with just a two-man-band, it could lead to furious rhythms when double-bass and a more percussive-used guitar are joining in. Seems impossible to keep untouched by the lusty and wild charm of that american-roots-music.

(unidentified musicians about 1905)

Adepts distinguish this special groove from that "Bluegrass-Sound" which starts in the 1930th years from Kentucky, preparing the ground for the so called „Country & Western-Music“ . With upcoming disc-recording and radio-stations the music of the „Hillbillys“ suddenly seems to be to dowdy and old-fashioned.
Today an increasing number of young musicians, mostly from the USA and Canada, shows a growing interest in this „American-Roots-Music“ and makes obvious that this sound has still something to give to us modern people. And it doesn´t refuse a new interpretation – the borders between "real" Oldtime-Music, Bluegrass and Folk keep flexible.

Thomas Gänge

Jörg Wreden

Nigel Moore

Peter Hokema

Inne Thompson

Tradition is passing the fire,
not adoration of the ashes.
(Gustav Mahler