Living in the Lüneburg Heath, we - Peter Hokema, Nigel Moore, Jörg Wreden and Thomas Gänge - have had the impression for quite some time that Appalachian mountain music goes straight to the legs and into the hearts of the people from these Northern German lowlands as well. Finally we were not complete till Inne Thompson with her wonderful voice and additional fiddling joined us in 2016. Some of us are active in other groups, too, but it is our common passion to bring this music to the people authentically on our violin, banjo, double bass, guitar and mandolin. Besides typical fiddle-tunes, we bring hearty music with driving dance rhythms and often multivocal lyrics on stage - or, unplugged, onto green grass.

The "Ol´Potatoes" bring the music of the Appalachian mountains into the Heath, without going flat - music from the summits, valleys and abysses of life, right into the hearts and legs of the undeterred.